Photo Battle

What is a Photo Battle?

A Photo Battle is an event where photographers get together at a central location and have a specific amount of time to capture images that fit the theme of the battle. After the time has elapsed, the photographer will have some time to edit and submit a predetermined number of photos for review and voting.

What is the purpose of a Photo Battle?

The main purpose is to have fun, meet new people, and explore or experiment with different photography challenges.

Who can participate?

Anyone! Unless otherwise specified, this is intended to be fun for both professionals with advanced equipment to amateurs with a cellphone.

What are the rules?

Each Photo Battle might have more specific rules, but generally speaking:

  • Use common sense
  • Do not do anything illegal – including but not limited to entering restricted areas, destruction of property, theft, etc
  • Adhere to the time and photo submission limits
  • Be on time – no extra time will be granted to anyone
  • Be respectful of other photographers – remember this is intended to be fun and entertaining
  • Submission of images is an agreement between the photographer and the Photo Battle organizers to display images over the internet for voting and record keeping purposes. Otherwise, image rights will remain with the photographer unless otherwise specified.

Next Photo Battle – TBA

Violating these rules may be grounds for removal of the contest and a ban from future photo battles. Whisky Hollow Photography and its assigns assumes no responsibility or liability before, during, and after any photo battle.